Why Speedle?

Why did we build Speedle?

What and Why?

Thoughts: Authz is not a new concept. Been using it in software since the dawn of time. Various systems have sprung up with their own little authz solutions. k8s, istio, various IAMs. One may have been using something else for their on premise applications. As folks move to hybrid models / workloads / cloud vendors - how does one keep track of the policies and manage identity as it flows across - these various systems. Speedle, with its various integration points, provides one such central management. And it discovers relevant policies based on service interactions on the fly. And it is blazingly fast!

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There are three questions for you.

  1. Do you need authorization in your system? If your answer is no, you do not need Speedle.

  2. If the answer of above question is yes, do you prefer to design policy model and implement all authorization features yourself? If you prefer to reinvent an authorization solution yourself, you do not need Speedle.

  3. If you want to adopt an existing mature product, there are quit a few choices for you. We list all of them below. We would not tell you that Speedle has very flexible pocliy model, user-friendly policy definition language, efficient and scalable policy evaluation engine, active user community… We’ll let you to evaluate them and choose the one you like.

    a. Ladon https://github.com/ory/ladon b. Casbin https://github.com/casbin/casbin c. OPA https://github.com/open-policy-agent/opa d. Speedle https://github.com/oracle/speedle

Please let us know if you find other good stuff. We are happy to add it to the list.

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