Contribution and Community

Join Speedle Community!

Welcome to Speedle community! We are very excited about your participation and there are multiple ways to contribute.


Star the project at Github, recommend to your colleagues or friends if you like. You also can share your success stories with us.

All the above will be highly appreciated.

Discussion & Community

Join us at #speedleproject slack workspace.

Join us at speedle-users and/or speedle-developers groups.


File a GitHub issue for any bug or enhancement.

Please include:

  1. Version of Speedle
  2. Issue Description
  3. Reproducible Environment and Steps
  4. Expected behavior


Go through the process below to contribute the codes:

  1. Sign the OCA
  2. Fork the repo
  3. Fix an issue or create an issue and fix it
  4. Create a Pull Request that fixes the issue
  5. Watch your PR for pipeline results. If there are failures then fix them.
  6. We will review your PR and merge as appropriate.

Code of Conduct

Follow the Golden Rule and check out Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for more specific guidelines.